Issuance of JBCoin

Our Vision

BlockchainNeo believes in the future and potential of Ethereum and its series of technology. By using the block chain technology of Ethereum, our system will be more trustworthy. Furthermore, it will enable not only easy and convenient payments for product and service purchase, and sending money, but also building mutually beneficial broad based JBcoin eco-system.

The realization of use cases one after another has become a social contribution through block chain technology and we published the first experimental token JBCoin as one tool to achieve our vision.

What is JBCoin

JBcoin has two meanings. One is "JAPAN BRAND COIN", whose goal is to provide the world with products or services which make full use of Japanese technology. The other is "JAPAN BEAUTY COIN", whose goal is to provide the world with Japanese products, medical equipment and services.


JBcoin, as mean of payment will enable affiliated shops of JBcoin to sell products or provide services and the quick payment with cryptocurrency in the system of platform. J. Group has broad userbase of its product worldwide. We see them as the core-JBcoin user whose daily broad base consumption activities will be supported by the JBcoin payment platform. JBcoin purchaser will be able to purchase products and receive service at JBcoin affiliated shops, and the shops will be able to gain profits from the purchaser.

JBcoin holders will be able to purchase products and receive services at good bargain because the value of JBcoin increases when its price goes up.
JBcoin could also works as a user tool for expression of support, voting and donation. Not only affiliated shops will be benefitted by use of JBcoin for receiving payments, opinion leaders, social entrepreneurs, or speakers for charity organization will be able to confirm support.

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